Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Spring is Coming!

Well it seems like winter is finally leaving us, thank goodness! We had an order for some Hawaiian sugar cookies this week, reminding us of the warmer weather that is soon to come. The cookies would've been perfect for a luau. We made pretty hibiscus flowers, hula girls/boys, tropical birds, colorful fish, palm trees, Hawaiian shirts, surfboards, flip flops, and coconut drinks with cocktail umbrellas.

Polkadots got political this week, with the creation of a birthday cake ordered for Governor Rick Perry. It featured silhouettes of Texan icons such as the Capitol building, the state flag, pecan trees, windmill, cattle, and a big silver Rice Krispie Treat star on top. The background was meant to be reminiscent of the big Texas sky around dusk. Hopefully the Governor enjoyed his special cake!

We made two unique cakes of similar styles recently - a Gucci purse, and a Hello Kitty lunchbox. The purse had intricate logo and design detailings, with gold fondant-covered Rice Krispie Treat handles, straps, and "hardware". It almost looked real enough to pick up and sling over your shoulder!

The lunchbox cake was covered in multicolored fondant, and featured the Rice Krispie Treat handle as well. Making a cake of this shape is often more difficult to work with than traditional round, square, or sheet cakes.

While we're on the topic of uncommon shapes, we also carved a movie popcorn bucket cake recently. The outside of the bucket was white with vertical red fondant stripes, and the top was coated in black fondant sprinkled with toasted "popcorn" pieces. It also included a Rice Krispie Treat film reel birthday banner as a final touch. Don't forget the butter!

Last but not least!  A birthday cake for a pug lover, Happy Birthday Ali!