Monday, April 26, 2010

Wedding Favors

Dianne contacted me a month ago for doing her brother's wedding favor.  She send me a picture of her future sister-in-law and her brother e-pic! 

Here is what I come up with:
Sugar cookie with purple border royal icing and edible sugar paper

Cupcakes with custom fondant topper, edible sugar paper, and bordered with purple royal icing

How adorable! Congratulations to Burke's Family.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Fav project: Dino Birthday Party

I got a chance to do Jake's birthday party again this year! Last year Jake has a Super hero birthday theme, this year his theme was Dinosaurs. Here is some of his party ideas:

Jake's Birthday invitation specially designed from his mom at Invitingaffairs

Party favor bag:

Cupcake topper and wrappers:

Here is what I come up for his two tiered birthday cake.Michelle's request was to include yellow and green and both are black bottom cakes, chocolate cake with cream cheese and chocolate chip baked in. 

A few closed up of the dinos:

I love the combination color of bright blue, orange, green, yellow, fuchsia. It's so festive. The dinos are just too adorable. I want to include all the characters but keeping the dino from the invitation as the main focus.

I also made dino cookies for Jake's birthday party favor:

A special thank you for Michelle from Inviting Affairs to include us on Jake's special day. I can't wait to do his birthday party next year.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Fridge can get sick too you know..

Sorry for the lack of posting these couple days, the fridge at our kitchen acting wierd on Thursday night. It was cold, very cold ... fridge, but there was so much moist inside the fridge, and it was raining and soooo.. humid!! All the fondant decorations are melted!!! Luckly, we got enough time to rescue all the cakes that were supposed to be picked up on Friday morning.  I am so thankful for my hubby and the girls at work!!!

The first cake that we rescued from the fridge disaster was a two tiered bridal shower cake. The color are lavender, purple, and silver. It took about 20 min to redo this dots and bow. By the time we put in the box, the lady came in and pick up the cake. So glad that she loved it! 

We re-decorated the Fairy cake for the afternoon delivery for an eightieth birthday party! I managed to save the cake and the buttercream. I got to redo all the butterflies, sunflowers, white flower, dots, and the writing. We got it done and delivered on time !

They said three time is a charmed! This vintage cake,.. we re-print the sugar paper four times. Yes, Thrusday was so humid, the edible sugar paper got so soft, melted, and ripped off as I cut it. At the end,... it's a lovely 70th birthday cake.
Of course some vintage sugar cookie party favor:

Now onto children birthday cakes, one of my favorite from last week was the Animal Farm theme, we includes tractor, pig, chicken, cow, barn, and the windmill.

Another animal 1st birthday party theme, a 6" round cake with simple pink elephant decoration all around for the birthday girl and a matching animal face cupcakes for the guests.

Summer is around the corner... one little girl had a Hula Birthday Party this past weekend. It was a chocolate cake layered with strawberry buttercream.

A small 6" baby shower cake.. multicolored polkadots theme:

Thanks for looking and have a great week!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Mario oh Mario

Mario was my first video game when I was growing up, I remember of having this game on my game boy!

Mario was the most character cake requested. I lost count.. not sure how many of these cakes we made for the past two years. From the smallest size, 6" round:

An 8" round covered with fondant:

A 1/4 sheet cake:
Bigger Mario?

Oh Mario Party Cookie Favors!
Want more? I'll make more Mario cakes! Hope you are not Mario-out!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Monday Cookie Mania!

I remember my first hand iced cookies that I made during Christmas 2007. I iced them till late in the morning. You can call me crazy, but I just love the feeling once you were done icing them. Joy!

To decorate sugar cookies, you can use several medium - edible printing sugar paper, rolled fondant, and hand iced meringue powder. My favorite is using the edible printing sugar paper. It can be "painful" but it a shortcut.
Once you baked your sugar cookies, let them cool, iced them with royal icing, topped with the edible sugar paper right away, and border them with sugar rim - royal icing.

Here is a few that I made at the shop:

Here a few example with hand iced technique:
Thanks for looking and have a great week!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Last minute weekend gateaway!

I was so excited that I got a chance to visit my childhood friend, Grace, in Los Angeles this past Easter weekend. I left Austin Saturday afternoon and came back on Tuesday afternoon. I can't thank enough to my lovely husband and assistants! They took care Polkadots very well when I was out. Grace's dad passed away last week from lung cancer. My condolences for her and her family. On the brighter side, I got to spend some fun time with her mom, sister, and her hubby!

She took me to Farmers Market, Hollywood CA. Los Angeles just keep growing and growing since I left 5 yrs ago. We went to an early mass for Easter Sunday and had brunch at Farmer's Daughter.

I got the Easter Sunday special plate. Two free range eggs Benedict, topped with Hollandise sauce, two slice of grilled ham, and hash brown. Yum!! I wish I can have this every morning.

Just like being at home, I got to hang out, chat, and laugh with her and her family. Priceless!

Not to forget pink berry for dessert, mmmmmm It's so fluffy!
 Next, we were off to Susina bakery for their famous red velvet cake:
Yeah, we were bad ...we went to Vanilla Bakeshop in Santa Monica, too. It's tiny, clean, and so cute! Very chic and modern.

I got to try on their mini cupcakes - delish!
After a few days I was out from work, I was ready to go back in action. Here are a few of my favorite from this week:

Cupcakes for the cat lovers...
Fun 21st Birthday party! I hope she went out to her birthday party then passed out.

First Birthday cake Bug theme!
Paisley theme bridal shower cake:

Hope every one have a good weekend!