Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Fall is finally here!

It's raining in Austin, TX and the weather is cooler. The weather just made me happy. Time to take out your sweater, go get cupcakes and hot chocolates! I wanted to share with you some of the cakes that we made. The first one is two tiers chocolate cakes with pink Peony for Serena's birthday. The cakes were devils food cake soaked with rum simple syrup and chocolate mousse buttercream.

Second, our first twilight cake completed with the red and white chess figurines, red scarf, flowers, and red apple. It was a red velvet with cream cheese buttercream and covered with white and black stripe fondant.

The next one is "Dutch Hot Chocolate Blue Bell Icecream," the cake was a vanillla cake soaked with rum and chocolate buttercream finished with the gold rim fondant. Happy 21st Courtney!

Fall is also a wedding season, here is a last week set up from Shannon's Wedding at The Four Season, Austin - TX. Cupcakes flavors are black bottomcake, pumpkin, lemon, and redvelvet. The 6" cake was chocolate with chocolate buttercream and silver flowers.