Monday, May 9, 2011

Spring weddings and Texas theme cookies!

With graduation fast approaching, our shop is buzzing with all sorts of activity! We are preparing to fill orders for soon-to-be graduates from U.T. and various other institutions.

Love is also in the air at Polkadots...we made two creative engagement and wedding cakes last week. There was a  topsy-turvy cake decorated with metallic stripes and squares, and a simple yet colorful peacock pattern cake. It is amusing to see how peoples' styles and personalities come out through their choice of design. It is also fun and refreshing to make such unique cakes for various types of special events.

We recently made an assortment of cute Texiana/western themed cookies as well. There were cute little cowboys and cowgirls, cacti, cowboy hats, cowboy boots, and Texas-shaped cookies decorated like the state flag. Some of these were baked with lollipop sticks in them, which makes for great party favors!

 Stay tuned for more Longhorn themed cake this week! Congratulations, Graduates of 2011!