Monday, October 25, 2010

The Sweetest Note

I just have to post the sweetest note I received this past weekend. This note made me cry, of course, happy tears! I am going to plaster it all over my kitchen wall. I always put 110% or more on the cake that I work on every minute, days, and weeks. I feel guilty, if I say NO to cake order. I just have to know my limit. My health is more important than staying up all night long trying to finish/rushing meeting a cake deadline.

I am thankful that I can be where I am today, even it isn't always a good day. I worked with my husband. I wish I wasn't so harsh with him. Then again, we are completely different individual. He's very laid back, where I always on the-go, planning here and there. Sometime, I want to scream to him, "Do you understand the word coming out from my mouth?"  A Thank you letter will make the day better! Thank you Danielle.

 Here is the cake that I made for Travis this past weekend, Happy Birthday!
This two tiered topsy- turvty cake above was an  8" round chocolate cake with chocolate swiss buttercream and a 10" round cake vanilla cake with vanilla swiss buttercream covered with fondant. The monster truck was from "TAR-JAY!"  Got to love Target!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Fun Custom Cakes!

I heart my customers. They always come up with fun ideas for cakes that I haven't made before.Yup, I love challenge which can drive me nuts! This past couple weeks, we had an animal week birthday theme cake. First was our popular zebra cake:
A 6" round red velvet cake covered with American vanilla buttercream, decorated with black zebra stripes, and pink fondant bow. It's simple, clean, and sassy!

The second one was a cheetah birthday party. The cake was covered with fondant and it's a vanilla cake with swiss vanilla buttercream.
Next, it's a super cute chubby penguin cake! The fiance surprised her with this cake, after his first attempt last year to made one at home.

 It was a devils food cake, raspberry jam and cream cheese buttercream! Yummmm.

I just can't get enough of anything monkey theme, next our first topsy turvy modern monkey first birthday cake. I love the simplicity of the color, whimsical, and clean looked. It's a 8" round black bottom cake, and a 6" vanilla cake with American Vanilla buttercream.
 Thanks for looking and I can't wait to make you one!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Dream big - Empowering young women leaders

October is finally here and the weather has been so nice for the past week. This past Tuesday, I was invited to the Ann Richard School (ARS) Birthday Bash. It is a all girl public school in Austin for Young Women Leaders. Yes, that's right! Girl Power! The opening speech from one of the 7th grader students, " America is a land of opportunities, people came from all over the world to chase their dream.." Dream big. I was born in Indonesia, came to the USA when I was 17th. Why? I want to choose my own school since my parents had send me to all girls school for 6 years (7th - 12th grade). At the time, I hated it. Why? It was so hard and very competitive. Both of my parents didn't finish high school, nor college. Back then, I didn't understand why I have to go to that school. Through out the years, the school taught me to DREAM BIG. All things are possible! "When there's a will, there's a way". I wasn't a brilliant student that got all A's, but I thought I was pretty studious. I always good in Math, Science, or Art, but I never good in any language or sports. When I applied UT for college, I have to take TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) at least five times - just to get the minimum score. Hahaha! Looking back 13 years back... I am glad that I was able to come here to Austin,  came without knowing how to speak proper English, graduated from college, able to run Polkadots with my husband, and support Ann Richards School for a good cause.  This country give me freedom and a chance to prove that anyone can have a big dream!  To learn more about ARS, click here.
Here is the cake that I brought to the charity event:

 The flavor from top to bottom, vanilla with swiss chocolate buttercream, black bottom, strawberry shortcake - vanilla cake, fresh macerated strawberry, and swiss vanilla buttercream. All the girls on the cake have different roles, of course, one of them is a chef! (first tier on the top right). This cake serves 80-100 serving.
I can't wait to work with the school for the next year birthday bash!