Thursday, November 15, 2012

We're Engaged!

This week we had the pleasure of making cookies for an engagement party! The cookies display the proposal and are our signature sugar cookies. These cookies are perfect for any engagement event and we would be delighted to make them for you! All you have to do is come down to Polkadots and customize your order with our team. We can help you celebrate your big news by providing a delicious and adorable treat that you and all of your friends can enjoy.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

November Flavor of the Month!

It's November! Now that we are into a new month, Polkadots has a new flavor for everyone! Our latest flavor of the month is....unnamed! We are currently having a contest on our Facebook page to see who can give us the perfect name! The contest is going on until tomorrow November 9, 2012 . You can go on and click on the picture of the new cupcake and give us your suggestion! But for now, it is simply a delicious cupcake that you can come in and try every Thursday and Friday. It is a pumpkin cake with a spiced mousse, topped with an amazing coffee buttercream and salted caramel. It is the perfect treat for fall and the Thanksgiving season! So come on down and see us to taste it for yourself, and you will definitely enjoy the last few days of the week when you eat this tasty treat! This cupcake is an excellent continuation of our fall theme and the bold flavors will really make your taste buds be filled with joy....

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Baby Shower!

Planning for a baby shower??? If so, we have the perfect cake for you! This week we had the privilege of creating two beautiful baby shower cakes featuring an adorable onesie and a cute blue whale. Both cakes were custom ordered and you can have one too! Order one week in advance and we can work with you to create a masterpiece that will be the cherry on top of your celebration. The cake can be simple or intricate, whatever you want to make your party perfect! We promise to make your little one an amazing cake for their shower!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday everyone! This week we have had several wonderful children celebrate their birthdays and we were thrilled to make birthday cakes for them. As always, we were happy to customize the cakes to match the theme of the party and this week we got to make an elephant cake, a train cake, a lady bug cake, and an artist cake! These are just some of the great designs you can make with us here at Polkadots that can make any birthday a truly special occasion. Come in and see us for your next birthday celebration a week in advance and we can make you a cake customized to fit your exact needs!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Election Time

Well folks, every four years we come to November and it is time again to vote for our future president! Now here at Polkadots we have the perfect election day treat for you to celebrate after you cast your ballot. Our delicious "I Voted" cookies are now available for custom order! These adorable and patriotic desserts are not only delicious, but spirited as well. These sugar cookies are sure to brighten your day after long voting lines and the American flag decoration will give you a little taste of American pride.

Happy Halloween!

It's Halloween time again and we have prepared some very spooky, but fun desserts for everyone! From cakes, to cupcakes, to cookies, our team has created many different treats for all the little monsters out there.
If your little one has just come to join the festivities or is about to make an appearance, we have our adorable Halloween Baby Shower Cake that is perfect for any baby shower occasion this season! Decorated with ghosts and polka dots, this delicious dessert is sure to be a hit at your baby shower party.

In addition to our cakes, we also have Halloween cookies that we know you will love! There are many different designs you may chose from. We have mummies, Frankenstein, and pumpkins on our sugar cookies, great for any festivities around this time of year. We also have an assortment of cookies with all kids of Halloween decorations including spiders, both on the web and off!

 Mummy Sugar Cookies

Pumpkin Sugar cookies
Assorted Halloween!

Finally, our cupcakes are not left out of the holiday spirit! We have several different custom cupcakes for everyone to enjoy. Our custom cupcakes can now be ordered with adorable Halloween decorations on them! From ghosts, to pumpkins, to witch hats, no party will complete without these perfect Halloween treats....