Thursday, August 28, 2014

Welcome Back, Longhorns!

It's back to school time at the University of Texas and here at Polkadots we are welcoming students in a number of ways. Being away from home for the first time or studying for a major test can make you hungry for something sweet. Stop by Polkadots and satisfy your sweet tooth craving.

For years, Polkadots has supported and fed the Longhorn community. This first week we gave away mini cupcakes to students showing their Student ID. Don't miss out on these great deals! Be sure to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter to receive updates on promotions, giveaways and exclusive deals.

Mini strawberries and cream cupcakes.

UT students redeem their free mini cupcake to kick off the new semester.

In addition to social media promotions, Polkadots can be found in the Student Discount Handbook and on the Longhorn favorite app, Hooked. Be sure to check out these resources to save on your next Polkadots purchase!
Parents looking to send your students a back to school gift, we deliver! Check out our flavor listings and give us a call to place your order today! Our cookies, cupcakes and macarons are a great surprise for your favorite Longhorn.

Longhorn Cupcakes
Longhorn birthday cupcakes.
Go Horns! Congrats to all UT graduates this weekend - HOOK'EM #polkadotscupcakefactory
Longhorn cookies.

As always, our custom cakes, cookies, cake pops and macarons are a great addition to any celebration. Give us a call or send us an email to place your order today! 

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Sailing the Sweet Summer Seas

Nautical birthday cake #polkadotscupcakefactory
Nautical Birthday Cake
Pirate sugar cookies #polkadotscupcakefactory
Pirate Cookies

Ahoy, mateys! We've set sail for Summer and the prospects look pretty tasty. The nautical wind is in the air and it seems like everyone wants to have a taste of the sea. 

Sea lion birthday cake #polkadotscupcakefactory
Sea Lion Birthday Cake
Bubble guppies birthday cake #polkadotscupcakefactory
Bubble Guppies Birthday Cake.

Polkadots team member, Rachel, and one of her creations. 
With Summer in full swing, we've been hard at work making you favorite sea creatures into edible art. Bringing the coast to central Texas has been our specialty and the whole team has had a blast creating and decorating these fun summertime favorites.

Mermaid sugar cookies #polkadotscupcakefactory
Mermaid Cookies
Sea horse sugar cookies #polkadotscupcakefactory
Seahorse Cookies

If your Summer party calls for something delicious and themed, let us help! As always, our cupcakes, cookies, cakes and macarons are the perfect addition to any party. Give us a call and order some today!

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Sweet Escapes

For many across the nation Austin is a destination spot - the perfect place to spend the summer kayaking on the river, seeing your favorite bands and indulging in all the local delicacies. As Austin residents, we appreciate the amazing things the city has to offer but understand wanting to explore the world as well. Here at Polkadots, we're capturing everyone's summer escapes and turning them into edible delights.

Greetings from Austin sugar cookies #polkadotscupcakefactory
Greetings from Austin cookies.
Weather taking a road-trip to a different state or just a different state of mind, we've got you covered!

Lab and golden retriever engagement cake #polkadotscupcakefactory
Lab and golden retriever engagement cake.
Trying to beat the heat? Take a doughnut dive or sail the sugar high-seas!

Mini baked chocolate donuts birthday tower #polkadotscupcakefactory
Mini baked doughnut birthday tower.
Nautical first birthday cake #polkadotscupcakefactory
Nautical first birthday cake.
If your plans involve jumping the pond, we've imagined that as well! From gardening in Croatia to cafes in Paris, we can take you there!

Oh la la birthday cake #polkadotscupcakefactory
Ooo-la-la birthday cake.
Engagement cake for a couple that is getting married in Croatia and loves gardening #polkadotscupcakefactory
Engagement cake; gardening and Croatia.
As always, we'd love to make your escapes even sweeter. Our custom cakes, cookies, cupcakes and cakepops are the perfect addition to any occasion. Beat the heat and enjoy the sweets.

Happy summer from all of us at Polkadots!

Monday, April 28, 2014

April Showers Bring May Flowers

With May approaching, Spring is in the air and everyone is enjoying the beautiful life sprouting up around Austin. At Polkadots, our cakes, cupcakes, cookies, and macarons are reflecting the fresh new sights. Flowers is theme and we are the team putting it all together!

Take a look at our blooming creations:

Easter cake #polkadotscupcakefactory
Bunny and flowers Easter cake.
Hand painted sugar flower cookies for @stationerybakery !#polkadotscupcakefactory
Hand painted flower cookies.
Peony sugar flower birthday cake #polkadotscupcakefactory
Peony sugar flower birthday cake.
If you want to add some life to your event, Polkadots is the place to call. Let us create custom cupcakes, cookies and cakes for your occasion. Our team is ready to make your event blossom!

Happy Spring, everyone! 

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Sprinkled with Spring

The weather is warmer, the sun is hotter and the rainy days are coming. This must mean one thing – it's time for Spring!

With everyone's mind on the outdoors, no wonder here at Polkadots we've received lots of orders featuring everyone's favorite outdoor resident, animals! Call it jungle fever, call it zoomania, but there is no denying that animals are on the brain. 

Take a look at the zoo of creations we've been working on!

Elephant cake #polkadotscupcakefactory
Elephant Cake
Monkey baby shower cake #polkadotscupcakefactory
Monkey Baby Shower Cake
Owl birthday cupcakes
Owl Birthday Cupcakes

Bunny sugar cookies #polkadotscupcakefactory
Bunny Cookies
All these adorable creatures could be your's! With Easter coming up, be sure to keep us in mind as you plan your tasty treats. Our cupcakes, cookies and cakepops are a wonderful addition to any celebration.

Easter cake lollipop #polkadotscupcakefactory
Easter Cake Lollipops

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Big Projects, Big Fun!

So far this year, Polkadots has seen many new and exciting things. The projects are larger and tastier than ever! This month, we've been playing with new materials and flavors to make all of our clients' wildest dreams come true. 

Ever wonder what a Jeep tastes like? How about a bottle of Crown? Well, at Polkadots, our Jeeps taste like chocolate and our bottles, like smooth red velvet.

Crown royal birthday cake #polkadotscupcakefactory We will contact individually for our contest winner - thanks everyone for participating.
Crown Royal Birthday Cake.

Jeep cake #polkadotscupcakefactory
Jeep Cake.
This ball park is hardly the hot dog, peanuts and Cracker Jack taste we all know and remember. Maybe a sweet lemon and cream or strawberry shortcake?

Baseball stadium cake #polkadotscupcakefactory
Baseball Stadium Cake.
Liam's castle may look like stone, but cut it open and you'll find his favorite flavor; cookies and cream.
Knight birthday cake #polkadotscupcakefactory
Knight Birthday Cake.

Let Polkadots make your big ideas a reality! If your occasion calls for something smaller, we're more than happy to do that as well. Our cupcakes, cake-pops, custom cakes and cookies are always the best addition to any celebration.

Bunny sugar cookies #polkadotscupcakefactory Cloud sugar cookies #polkadotscupcakefactory Umbrella sugar cookies #polkadotscupcakefactory Today's macaron is graham cracker #polkadotscupcakefactory

With Spring approaching, we're sure to have many delights to complement your gatherings or self-indulgent treats. Be sure to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for updates on specials and upcoming flavors!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Fall In Love with Polkadots this Valentine's Day

Whether you're celebrating with a special someone or observing single-awareness day, it's no question that Valentine's Day calls for lots of indulgent treats. This year at Polkadots, we're offering a large assortment of goodies as well as a special Valentine's Day menu to satisfy even the sweetest of sweet teeth. Take a look at all the special items we'll be offering!

Our valentines menu: assorted sugar cookies, strawberry macaron gift box, and valentines cupcakes (strawberry shortcake, strawberry and cream, triple chocolate, red velvet, vanilla, and blackbottom) available for pick up/ scheduled delivery 02.12 - 02.14
L-R: Heart shaped chocolate sugar cookies, strawberry macaron gift box, red velvet cupcakes, strawberry shortcake cupcakes.

Valentine's Menu:
Assorted sugar cookies - $3.50 each
Strawberry macaron gift box -  $15+tax
Buy macarons out of box for $2 each

Valentines Day cupcakes:
(only these flavors will be available on Valentine's Day)
Strawberry shortcake
Strawberries and cream
Triple chocolate
Red velvet

Valentine's items are available for purchase now. Other special offers leading up to Valentine's Day include our new, delicious eclairs and different flavored macarons available in store. Check our Facebook page for updates on flavors and availability. 

White chocolate mini eclairs available today! $1.50 each #polkadotscupcakefactory
White chocolate eclairs. Available in store for $1.50. 

Due to high demand, we ask that you place you Valentine orders as soon as possible. We will be delivering on Valentine's Day but cannot guarantee a specific delivery time. We do guarantee, however that all orders for the campus area will come between 12:00-7:30pm and all business orders will be delivered before 5pm.

There's no better way to tell someone you love them then by sending a yummy treat! This Valentine's Day, send the gift of Polkadots and show them how much you care.

As always with love,