Saturday, March 1, 2014

Big Projects, Big Fun!

So far this year, Polkadots has seen many new and exciting things. The projects are larger and tastier than ever! This month, we've been playing with new materials and flavors to make all of our clients' wildest dreams come true. 

Ever wonder what a Jeep tastes like? How about a bottle of Crown? Well, at Polkadots, our Jeeps taste like chocolate and our bottles, like smooth red velvet.

Crown royal birthday cake #polkadotscupcakefactory We will contact individually for our contest winner - thanks everyone for participating.
Crown Royal Birthday Cake.

Jeep cake #polkadotscupcakefactory
Jeep Cake.
This ball park is hardly the hot dog, peanuts and Cracker Jack taste we all know and remember. Maybe a sweet lemon and cream or strawberry shortcake?

Baseball stadium cake #polkadotscupcakefactory
Baseball Stadium Cake.
Liam's castle may look like stone, but cut it open and you'll find his favorite flavor; cookies and cream.
Knight birthday cake #polkadotscupcakefactory
Knight Birthday Cake.

Let Polkadots make your big ideas a reality! If your occasion calls for something smaller, we're more than happy to do that as well. Our cupcakes, cake-pops, custom cakes and cookies are always the best addition to any celebration.

Bunny sugar cookies #polkadotscupcakefactory Cloud sugar cookies #polkadotscupcakefactory Umbrella sugar cookies #polkadotscupcakefactory Today's macaron is graham cracker #polkadotscupcakefactory

With Spring approaching, we're sure to have many delights to complement your gatherings or self-indulgent treats. Be sure to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for updates on specials and upcoming flavors!