Monday, October 25, 2010

The Sweetest Note

I just have to post the sweetest note I received this past weekend. This note made me cry, of course, happy tears! I am going to plaster it all over my kitchen wall. I always put 110% or more on the cake that I work on every minute, days, and weeks. I feel guilty, if I say NO to cake order. I just have to know my limit. My health is more important than staying up all night long trying to finish/rushing meeting a cake deadline.

I am thankful that I can be where I am today, even it isn't always a good day. I worked with my husband. I wish I wasn't so harsh with him. Then again, we are completely different individual. He's very laid back, where I always on the-go, planning here and there. Sometime, I want to scream to him, "Do you understand the word coming out from my mouth?"  A Thank you letter will make the day better! Thank you Danielle.

 Here is the cake that I made for Travis this past weekend, Happy Birthday!
This two tiered topsy- turvty cake above was an  8" round chocolate cake with chocolate swiss buttercream and a 10" round cake vanilla cake with vanilla swiss buttercream covered with fondant. The monster truck was from "TAR-JAY!"  Got to love Target!

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