Monday, April 19, 2010

Fridge can get sick too you know..

Sorry for the lack of posting these couple days, the fridge at our kitchen acting wierd on Thursday night. It was cold, very cold ... fridge, but there was so much moist inside the fridge, and it was raining and soooo.. humid!! All the fondant decorations are melted!!! Luckly, we got enough time to rescue all the cakes that were supposed to be picked up on Friday morning.  I am so thankful for my hubby and the girls at work!!!

The first cake that we rescued from the fridge disaster was a two tiered bridal shower cake. The color are lavender, purple, and silver. It took about 20 min to redo this dots and bow. By the time we put in the box, the lady came in and pick up the cake. So glad that she loved it! 

We re-decorated the Fairy cake for the afternoon delivery for an eightieth birthday party! I managed to save the cake and the buttercream. I got to redo all the butterflies, sunflowers, white flower, dots, and the writing. We got it done and delivered on time !

They said three time is a charmed! This vintage cake,.. we re-print the sugar paper four times. Yes, Thrusday was so humid, the edible sugar paper got so soft, melted, and ripped off as I cut it. At the end,... it's a lovely 70th birthday cake.
Of course some vintage sugar cookie party favor:

Now onto children birthday cakes, one of my favorite from last week was the Animal Farm theme, we includes tractor, pig, chicken, cow, barn, and the windmill.

Another animal 1st birthday party theme, a 6" round cake with simple pink elephant decoration all around for the birthday girl and a matching animal face cupcakes for the guests.

Summer is around the corner... one little girl had a Hula Birthday Party this past weekend. It was a chocolate cake layered with strawberry buttercream.

A small 6" baby shower cake.. multicolored polkadots theme:

Thanks for looking and have a great week!

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