Sunday, April 25, 2010

Fav project: Dino Birthday Party

I got a chance to do Jake's birthday party again this year! Last year Jake has a Super hero birthday theme, this year his theme was Dinosaurs. Here is some of his party ideas:

Jake's Birthday invitation specially designed from his mom at Invitingaffairs

Party favor bag:

Cupcake topper and wrappers:

Here is what I come up for his two tiered birthday cake.Michelle's request was to include yellow and green and both are black bottom cakes, chocolate cake with cream cheese and chocolate chip baked in. 

A few closed up of the dinos:

I love the combination color of bright blue, orange, green, yellow, fuchsia. It's so festive. The dinos are just too adorable. I want to include all the characters but keeping the dino from the invitation as the main focus.

I also made dino cookies for Jake's birthday party favor:

A special thank you for Michelle from Inviting Affairs to include us on Jake's special day. I can't wait to do his birthday party next year.

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