Friday, June 4, 2010

Summer Break is almost here!

I can't wait to get a week break, yes in two days! Busy, busy, busy for sure before I leave the shop this week. I managed to finish few cakes that are schedule to be picked up tomorrow afternoon. The first cake was the barnyard theme, for a 3 yr old:

I love all the farm animals, here are the details:

Which one is your favorite farm animal?

The next one is pirate themed birthday cake. I sketched it couple days ago and wanted to put lots of pirate theme. I changed my mind... and I ended up with more simpler design, just stripes, pirate, skull flag, treasure chest, coins, parrot, and palm trees.

I am pretty pleased on how it turned out, simple but still festive! Happy Birthday Cole and Will!

Last but not least, I got the honor to do a wedding cake for a very fun couple. They are getting married this weekend at the marina on Lake Travis. I just love these birds. The design was taken off from their wedding invitation. At first I wasn't paying attention, while I was working on the fondant work...I realized that these birds are wearing swim suits. I am very pleased with the result. It  looks clean, yet fun too. Congrats to Chris and Aaron.
Thanks for stopping by our blog! We'll be back next week on the 15th. Back and refresh, yes we'll be celebrating our 2nd year anniversary for Polkadots. Thank you Austin!


  1. That barnyard cake is TOO cute. Puts the one I did for my son's first birthday to shame!

  2. Yes, I loaded them up for you:

    I have never taken a cake course before and I am still learning. I love all your creations. If I lived closer I would have you make my son's next birthday cake =)