Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Something for Everyone

This week at Polkadots, we were hard at work on a diverse selection of cakes and cookies. With graduation coming up this weekend, we fulfilled a number of orders intended to suit the occasion. Since UT has such a major presence here, graduation is almost like a biannual holiday to us! Breaking out the special cookie cutters and jazzing up the traditional Longhorn decorations with mortarboards is a fun twist on an always-popular concept. Some of the highlights included "special edition" Longhorn cookies, a funky "hook 'em" cake, and some cupcakes featuring mini diploma fondant decorations!  Congratulations to all graduates!


There was also a batch of Beatles sugar cookies that turned out really well. I thought that the ones with colorful album artwork looked particularly groovy.

A very dreamy winter snowflake birthday cake for Lettie's 9th birthday - our decided favorite - along with matching silver and white snowflake cookies.

Pop culture baked goods took a turn for the nerdier with the creation of a Star Wars cake covered with chocolate buttercream and fondant decorations from a galaxy far, far away!

There were several music-themed orders this week, but sorry, no Justin Bieber this time : ( We made a sugar free two-tiered white birthday cake decorated with black musical notes, and an orange Longhorns cake with a fondant Bevo and some guitars.

Last but not least was our fun pig cookie project - the character "Hamm " from Disney/Pixar's Toy Story:
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