Sunday, February 6, 2011

What a week!

It has definitely been a crazy week for us at Polkadots. On Monday our dishwasher sink broke! Of course, the broken part was on back order.  Tuesday went pretty smoothly, then ...

Wednesday morning I went into work and found out that it was pitch black inside, freezing cold in the kitchen. The first thought was perhaps Ben (my husband) forgot to pay electricity bill. Pssst...... It happened before! I called him and he mentioned that he paid the bill last week. I was worried that we would fall behind on our cakes, so I called city of Austin and found  that they were doing mandatory rolling black outs. Oh well! I tried to hang around the kitchen for an hr or so but there was still no power. Guess what I did? I went to get breakfast at Cafe Express. This is very rare occasion that I could sit down and enjoy delicious scrambled eggs. Yummm!

I went back to work after breakfast and found that there still was no power. This was around 10:30AM.  We are usually done baking around this time. I thought I could use a little sunlight to wrap some cookies - to kill time. Thanks to my awesome assistant, Julia. She came and helped me wrap cookies in the dark :) Here are some cookies that we've done this week:

Mini Wedding Cookie favors:
Some more fun valentines cookies:

N housing Corporate sugar cookies - made with edible sugar papers:

 "Will you be my bridesmaid?"  Cookies in teal, yellow, and silver combination:

Some baby boy blue onesies for baby shower gift favors:

Packers and Steelers Helmet sugar cookies for a SUPERBOWL party:

Bridal shower cookies in their wedding  theme color scheme - purple and lime green:

Thursday morning was very cold (18F). This was very rare for Texas! We got to work and found out that city of Austin put a notice that they are going to shut down the water on Friday morning. I guess when it rains it pours! When I got up Friday (2/5) morning, I didn't know that it's been snowing all night. I opened my front door and the streets were covered in snow!

We are thankful that we stayed open and managed to finish all the custom orders this past week - rolling black out, crazy weather, snow, and spotty water availiability during the weekend:)

Here are a few of our fun birthday cakes from this past week:
Disney themed "Tangled" birthday cake
This was a 10" round blackbottom cake, chocolate cake with cream cheese and chocolate chips covered with cream cheese buttercream - serves 30 adults.

Greek Myths Birthday Cake for Hayden: 

First Birthday Boat Cake for Caleb:

Last but not least 2 tiered painted cake:

Two tiered cake - 6" and 8" round

Thanks for stopping by! We are so excited that Valentine's is just around the corner, give us a call at 512-476-3687. We can help you to deliver chocolate covered strawberries, cupcakes, cakes or cookies to your loved ones.

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