Thursday, June 23, 2011

Hot, hot, hot with no electricity for a bit?

Hot hot hot that is all I can say today! When you run a shop there is always something broken or missing. Today was 95F outside, and guess what? We had no electricity for about 1 hr around 3PM. Fondant started sweating buttercream were soft and melting, no phone, no credit card machine, cash register was locked and the worst no AC. We survived today and finished the iPhone birthday cake for tomorrow's pick up:

The cake serves 30 adults. It is a vanilla cake with chocolate swiss buttercream. It took us a good 5 hrs to complete this cake from start to finish. Olga scaled the size of the iPhone. Carly baked the cake and filled with buttercream. Julia covered the cake with fondant. Kristen and Robert worked on the apps decoration. Word... that's a lot of people for one cake!

As our kitchen getting hotter, we grabbed a bag of ice and put it on our necks. Don't laugh, it worked :)

Oh not to forget these cute duckies and little mermaid sugar cookies.

We are glad that we got our power back. Thanks Austin Energy!


  1. Oh my goodness! Those mermaid cookies! So cute! It's like a personal theme. I just read a blog who posted an image of a print of a "modest mermaid." It was a mermaid wearing a hoodie.

  2. I love that cake! I saw some cupcakes as iphone apps on Pinterest! Your cake looks amazzzing :)

    I wish I was in Austin, not Dallas, so I could visit your bakery!

  3. @linda - Thank you! OMG - do you have the link to that? @Taylor - thank you for the love! Come over to our shop when you are in town. I am always at the shop:) XOXO Olga

  4. Loving the mermaid cookies with the olliegraphic look! Our oldest wants a mermaid-themed birthday party next year, so we'll definitely have to keep these in mind! Glad you got through the hot day!

  5. @The Cul-de-Sac Thank you! I can't to work with you on the next fun party project :)

  6. The cookies were the HIT of the party. You do great work, Olga! Blog post is up in the morning with all the deets from the party. Log on around 7:30am. I'll be sure to send you the link!