Monday, June 11, 2012

Every Little Thing We Do Is Magic

It's that perfect time of year for every little girl and boy to enjoy the magic and mystery that shines like mystic fairy lights on a warm summer's night. One, much loved little girl received an extra dash of magic in her Fairy Princess Birthday Cake.

The cake was colored to serve as a whimsical stage for an enchanted castle home to fairies. Cheery flowers and butterflies surround the castle in curly vines all under a veil of sparkling silver stars. The ruler is a purple haired princess with a glittery flower petal dress, a silver crown adorning her head and silver fairy wand to match.

The fairy princess was built with a wire frame that was then covered in various layers of fondant to form her body and dress. The curly "4" on top was hand carved to match the whimsical theme throughout the three tiers of the cake. Generous amounts of edible glitter and pixie dust were added to enhance little Kayla's big day.

This three cake tiered serves 60 adults with our 6", 8", and 10" cakes. All the cakes were iced in butter cream rather than fondant in green, blue, and purple that were blended by hand to achieve the graduated coloring. Once again the Polkadots Team achieved confectionery magic!

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