Friday, September 14, 2012

Fall Is Here!

Fall is finally here and we could not be more exited! Austin, Texas in the fall brings good weather and great events. With the kick off of the fall football season we have made a wedding and grooms cake worthy of any Texas football tradition. As tradition, when the University Texas football team travels to Dallas to play the University of Oklahoma, girls in the Greek community will be asked to decorate coolers for their date for the eventful weekend.

For this particular cake we made a grooms cake to look like a TX versus OU decorated cooler. The cake represents the essence of Texas football with various symbols and images. The dimensions of the cake are 12 x 12 x 13 inches incorporating cake, fondant, and isomalt. To decorate this cake we cut out several different fonts and colors for all the lettering as well as  fondant cutouts of cowboys, blue bonnets, and lassos. Along with the grooms cake the wedding cake stands three tiers tall covered in various sizes of sugared flowers. The flowers were arranged all over the cake, more flowers were arranged in different areas to give a unique shape to the cake.

Overall our team had a great time making all the various decorations for these two cakes and we hope that the Texas Longhorns have a great season!

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