Thursday, November 26, 2009

Custom Cakes and Cookies Thanksgiving 2009

I have been wanting to update our blog, but I have to wait until this weekend. Finally, I have some room to breathe in! This week at the shop, we did lots of teddy bear cookies and cupcakes favor for Hope's Baptism. All completed with the monogram initial "HDN." Here is the before and after pictures:

All cookies were sugar cookies and I designed it to match Hope's Baptism outfit! too cute!!!

We also did a bridal shower cake with fall theme. It's a two tier cake, an 8" blackbottom cake and 6" vanilla with vanilla buttercream soaked with simple syrup. We covered both cakes with fondant and finished decorating them with rolled chocolate fondant, fall maple leaves, branches, and rice krispies "two love bird" figurines on the top. I was so nervous since this cake was going to be pick up for party in Houston,  and thankfully it arrived in one piece at our client! Thanks very much Mr. Gibbs!

We finished the cake with some acorns, "bark" drawing, and heart wood carving on the side of the cake with the bride and grooms' initials.

The next cake is a 40 years anniversary theme. I love making one of a kind cake for our client, especially when they come in with some theme that I haven't done. This cake was for our client's parents 40 year anniversary celebration this week. She wanted a cake that includes "ruby" something red, yellow, gardening theme, and this what I came up with! A four layer red velvet cake with cream cheese buttercream, decorated with sunflowers all over, "Still going strong" sign -Yeah! not very many people married for this long this days;), a dad holding a ruby ring and a mom figurine, and lots of vegetables!

The next cake is a baby shower cake for "Steger." What a perfect cake! since it's in Austin, our client wanted to corporate Texas theme. The cake completed with cowboy belt, bandana, black and white cow prints, and belt.

Congratulations for Steger's parents. They have been trying for 10 years. Oh.. joy! Hope everyone had a great weekend spending time with family! Happy Thanksgiving.

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