Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Goodbye January !

What a busy day! Our phone has been ringing all day. It's a good sign, right? This weekend is Superbowl. We made a few Superbowl sugar cookies. Here is a snap shot before I left the shop tonight:

We are getting ready for Valentines next week. We made a few Valentines sugar cookies today.This year we are doing "sweetheart" cookies, vintage theme hearts, and of course cupcakes sugar cookies.

I could not resist to make this "vintage" stamp valentine cookies, these vintage pictures are just too cute to pass on. Call us soon and pre-order your cupcakes and cookies, we'll customize it just the way you like it !

Here is a sneak peak for Sam's 60th Birthday party this weekend! 

Not to forget some fun cakes from the past weekend:
My favorite was the "Double Dave" combination pizza! Look at those peperoni, you can see the marble-ing effects!
We also made a "Skate" birthday party:

A small 6" cake for ladies luncheon's:

A firefighter birthday cake included "SNOOPY" the birthday boy Dalmatian:
I am pretty exhausted! I can't believe Valentine's day is almost here. Don't forget to pre-order cookies, cupcakes, and cakes for the special day! Here is the link to our Valentines Day menu. Good night!

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