Friday, February 19, 2010

Valentines Day aftermath

Fourteen days straight of working, no break yet!! I am looking forward for a half day work tomorrow afternoon. Hopefully, I will be done after 4PM birthday tasting.

How do I handle the aftermath?
I think I also develop "cake anxiety," I know this probably don't make sense to most of you. My neck and shoulder will just get so stiff. I become so anxious if one haven't picked up the cake. So worry that I will baby sit the cakes all night long ! Well.. so far it only happened once! 
Spending an hr at Pure Austin at least three times a week definitely helps. One day of an hour weight lifting on Monday. Thirty minutes of cardio on Thrusday afternoon. An hour combination of weight lifting and cardio on Sunday afternoon. Working out is an instant stress relief for me! My neck, shoulders, and my calf, you name it! On top of the cake anxiety problem that I develop lately,..... last Summer I started to have carpal tunnel syndrome. Every night I use these arm braces. It really helps a lot. Yup, there's give and take! No more pretty fingers and long nails. Alright enough nagging...

Back to our cake business, here are few cakes that we made this past week:
Coraline cake for "Carolee" Birthday, I think Chris is our husband of the week at Polkadots!
He was so creative!! I still can't get over it. He placed his order for Carolee last week, choosing a lemon blueberry cake with lemon pastry cream (Carolee's fav cake).  Instead of saying Coraline on top of the cake, he suggest it to say "Carolee" o as a button and L as cat's tail. Here is the cake that we came out with:

An Einstein Birthday cake for someone that loves anything sciece, gadget, physics, engineering! Happy Birthday Royce. This was a german chocolate cake with coconut and pecan and chocolate buttercream

A winter olympic theme birthday cake for Chandler, get the idea from Wii Mario VS Sonic Olympic Winter Games:
Wedding shower cupcakes and Tiffany box engagement cake, I love Tiffany blue color. Who doesn't? This remind me of our wedding two years ago! Time sure flies ... so fast.

Custom order hand ice cookies for Lori. She's throwing baby shower for one of her girlfriend. She picked all pastel colors, purple, pink, yellow, green and baby blue. I just love it when one trusted my opinion, here is what I come up with:
I think they are pretty darn cute!

Kenner is turning five the past week. Stephanie, his mom,  and he came in last Monday to place his birthday cake. I am telling you he was too cute, a typical five year old! I had so much fun working on the details on the cake. He brought in his "Rock Star" party stickers and party plates for the ideas. He requested that  he wanted a little figurine of himself on top of the cake, blonde, blue eyes, grey guitar, and wore cowboy boots! His cake was a 10" chocolate cake with strawberry buttercream and a 6" vanilla cake with chocolate buttercream- 40 servings. Here is the final cake:

Another fun request was the Zombie Hello Kitty cupcakes, yes I said Zombified Hello Kitty. What do you think?

First birthday cake for Natalie Care Bear Birthday theme.

Alright as I promised I am going to take off now, yeah I said now I am taking a break just for a day! Have a fab weekend and of course eat more cupcakes! I am planning to sleep in that is until 12 PM. I am jumping upside down, right, and left!!! Sleep = beauty.

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