Sunday, March 7, 2010

Husband of the week!

A lot of you ask me how do I like working with my husband? mmmm on a scale 1-10, on one day it can go from 1 to 10! Why? I have been asking him to get a new microwave for 1 year - at least. The door is broken, I always have to slam hard the door to be able to function. Perhaps 200 watt microwave? Even my hair dryer has 1300 watt! For some reason, last Monday (my weekly day off) the plate inside the microwave is missing. Yes, its gone. You think it will be easy to keep everything in place when you have a tiny kitchen.  No, we lost things all the time, X-Acto knife, tiny brush, pastry brush, knife...etc.  Some of you might think... really microwave? Yeah, we used it every day. Finally, this past Monday I have a brand new microwave. It's fast, even, heating up from center to outside. It took only 1.5 min to melt 1lbs of chocolate!! I dance happy dance happy dance. Honey,  you are a 10!
Alright... enough bragging about Ben and the microwave, this past week we started our Spring wedding season. First, it's a simple two tier brush stroke wedding cake that we delivered to Lanai:

Next, we went to Villa Antonia in Jonestown, TX for Leslie and Matt's wedding. I ran into Andrew from Table4weddings photography. I can't wait to see his snapshots! 

Instead of traditional groom's cake, Matt has mini and regular cupcakes - red velvet, carrot cake, lemon and cream, and blackbottom cake.
Then we went to the Caswell House for Lauren and Chase's wedding. Their theme are black and red, simple and elegant.

Fun cakes and cupcakes of the week:

Yeahhh... the best part was we have 0 complaints!!! for the week.  Yeah yeah..Have a good week everyone!!! SXSW week is on the fly....

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