Thursday, March 18, 2010

Spring Birthday Party at Polkadots

Birthday is the best holiday! Hangout with your closed friends, chit chat, play, and the best part is lots of presents. Last week, Avery turned 10. Her mom decided to bring 10 girlfriends, laid out picnic blanket, brought her rabbit, goodies bags, games, and color pencil. They hung out in front of our porch for few hrs, of course I have to snap a few pics!
Here is the birthday girl with her furry friend:
Matching party favor bags in pink, blue, green, and brown colors:

Comfy picnic blanket, nice weather, coloring activities with girlfriends,  and lots of presents:
I hope you had an awesome birthday celebration at Polkadots Avery! The "damage" for Avery's party last Saturday (cupcakes and drinks) for 10 girls and 5 adults less than $60!

Of course the best part, I got to keep all their drawings. I was teary.. happy tear.

Can't wait till the next birthday party! Oh, I wish I can be 10 forever yeah! Sometime growing up isn't as fun.

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