Tuesday, May 11, 2010

30th Birthday Cake

This 30th birthday cake is perfect for shopping diva. The top of this cake, we stuffed with fondant tissue paper, a shoe and coin purse chocolate modeling, and pink lipstick made out from rice krispies. The cake was blackbottom, a chocolate cake with cream cheese and chocolate chip baked in and layered with cream cheese butter cream. Happy Birthday Anne!

Details on the shopping bag:

The second cake we made for Monica's 30th birthday party at Highbowl. Her Mom came to the shop and mentioned that she wanted to have all her favorites things on the cake. We made pearls, lipstick, nail polished, miller light, Texas koozie, and Copenhagen tobacco. Monica ran "Go Fit Wilco" fitness company in Round Rock, we made her company cookies for her party favors. Hope you have a very special celebration Monica!

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