Monday, May 24, 2010

Congratulations Graduates!

I was the first who graduated from college in 2002 from UT. Hook'em! My parents, especially my Dad, always ask me where I put the $50K (at least) Engineering diploma. He said at least I could put it up at the store - of course, No. Note: my diploma is still in the original mailed envelope with the 2002 mail stamp! I remember that year I move to Los Angeles to go to USC for grad school. Until one night, I watched food TV and there you go... I saw an advertisement for the California School of Culinary Arts. That night, I called my Dad and told him that I was  going to cooking school instead of grad school at USC.  I never regret it, and I think it was the right decision. Moral of the story,  graduates follow on what you love to do! I feel more fulfilled now than I was working at the office . Until these days... my dad often jokes that he spent at least one million dollar, but I ended up working in the kitchen everyday. Hahahah!

Alright,... enough ramblings... back to cake business. This past week has been crazy. At first I wasn't sure where I need to put all the cakes for the weekend pick up. Well.. I used some space on the drink cooler! Here is a few favorites from this past week:

For one of our UT cheer:

I love the combination "matrix" white and brown dots on this cake!

I thought this one is very true, " What starts here changes the world!"

I have to sneak in this for one of my assistant! Not only she graduated from UT, but she's graduated from Polkadots kitchen, and going to French Pastry School in Chicago. Congratulations Julia and Hook'Em!

We'll miss you (soon!)

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