Sunday, May 30, 2010

First Birthday

My favorite cake to do is the first birthday cake. It is colorful, simple, whimsical and fun theme. I love it when my clients trust us on our creativity. It gave me an extra "stretch" on cake design.

Cambrie and Callan had "Zoo" first birthday party, and I also made 30 animal faces sugar cookies for their party.

Details on the cake:

Next, Jackson has "Safari" first birthday party, so I decided to do elephant, lion, and monkey figurine for him.

A little mini cake for the birthday boy, the cake was also 4 layers with vanilla buttercream.

Savvy has a fairy garden theme party for her first birthday cake:
Her matching mini cake:

I am thankful and so blessed to be included on your special day!


  1. Not only did Jackson's first birthday look precious, it also tasted GREAT!!! Thanks so much for all of the time that you invested in his cake.

  2. You are welcome Sandy! Glad that everyone loves it.