Sunday, May 2, 2010

First Birthday Cake

I remembered when Clara ordered a baby shower cake for her daughter. They were expecting Chloe around this time a year ago. I can't believe time went by real fast. Chloe just turned one last week. She got her very own 6" round cake as her smash cake, while guests got the two tiered cake. Happy birthday Chloe!

Our next cake was made for Kinsley. She's also turning one. I just love the combination of green and fuchsia that her mom picked for her party theme. Adorable! Matching green and fuchsia cupcakes, and we topped the cake with "1" fondant figurine.

Another fun train theme birthday cake. Happy Birthday Pooja!

The last birthday cake was made for Hudson. His mom requested for baby blue color, green, and yellow star theme. We also made monogram stars cookies for the party favors.

I can't wait to have my own daughter or son! So I can plan for a fun 1st birthday party.

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